The most important content marketing trends in 2021

Today there are many developments in the field of content marketing. This not only ensures that cool developments take place, but that there is also a lot of change. To ensure that you stay one step ahead of the competition, we discuss the most important content marketing trends in 2021 here!

Video marketing will only become more important in  2021

Video marketing was already popular in 2019 but will become even more popular in 2020. For example, a study shows that live streams and stories are becoming increasingly important. This is because this is an ‘unfiltered’ way of communication. Viewers want to see real and authentic images. 
give stories the ability to add interactive elements to your video or image. This allows ie, for example, to add a poll. This not only ensures that i.e have interaction with the viewer but also more one-on-one contact with your potential new customer! 

Web design with split content

A big web design trend is the use of ‘split content’. With split content, it seems as if you are looking at two different websites that still fit together perfectly. The advantage of split content is that it offers a lot of convenience for your users, especially when it comes to potential customers. Using a split-screen layout, users will spend less time finding information after ar they are looking for.  

Content to make it easier for users

The year 2020 is all about the convenience of the user. To give a concrete example: when paying for articles, the convenience of the user is increasingly anticipated. More and more people leave their wallets at home when they go shopping. To ensure that they can still pay, people pay with their smartphones or smartwatches. Apple has also  responded to  this by  introducing Apple  Pay . 

Marketers will also make use of ‘advertising on smart speakers’. Many households have a smart speaker and this number will only grow. Thus some 200 million households decision is expected worldwide in 2021 knows about a smart player. You can also use the smart speaker for voice searches.

Content for voice searches

If we look at the trends within search marketing, we see that voice searches are on the rise in the Netherlands. This allows you to use your voice to perform a search via a search engine. It turns out that 20% of all mobile searches on Google are done with a  voice search. This number is expected to double to 40%.  searches on Google are done with a  voice.

Do  you want  to get started with  content marketing

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