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consecutive​ interpretation Services 

Consecutive interpreting can also be called gradual interpreting because the spoken text is interpreted in parts or sentences into the target language.

An interpreter usually stands or sits next to the speaker, who after a few minutes, usually after expressing a whole idea, leaves space for the interpreter to interpret the content into the target language. No special interpreting equipment is needed.

How it Works

Your trust is our commitment, and the protection of information provided during working with you is our highest priority.

Any information obtained by our interpreters or project managers is deemed confidential, and we contractually guarantee that our interpreters or staff will not disclose such information to third parties.

All our interpreters have signed a strict confidentiality agreement under which they also undertake to ensure data protection after we terminate our mutual cooperation.

The eye wants something too

Our interpreters are professionals with business ethics and experience in diplomatic protocol. With our more than 22 years of experience in interpreting, we use top consecutive interpreting professionals. We are not new to this industry; we have years of experience in helping people with interpreting their message across multiple Indian and foreign languages.

We Also Make sure


segment-based interpretation via summarizing, 1-5 minutes of speech.


interpreter listens to the text, analyze it, jot the important points into the notes and then interpret it to the audience


Our team aim towards delivering superlative services in all Indian and foreign languages.

Quality Output

we have defined a qualification standard and process to select the right linguists for specific projects.

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