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As people, products, and ideas cross borders at an increasing rate, law firms are expanding into new markets and new practice areas. When the validity of a contract, the result of a petition, or the admissibility of evidence can hinge upon the interpretation of a single word, the interpretation must withstand any challenge. Only the utmost fidelity and precision in translation will suffice.

How it Works

Discovery in a multidistrict litigation involves ultra-high-volume translation, often with teams of dozens of linguists coordinating the translation effort between firms. This often involves reading thousands of emails, similar to searching for a needle in a haystack. Firms require translators with specialized knowledge in both the laws and very specific industries. Mass tort litigation over imported consumer products and other translation-intensive litigation show no signs of abating, and translators with process knowledge continue to be in high demand.

Why Choose GTS

In addition to a deep understanding of both the source and target languages, our highly qualified translators of legal documents are fluent in the nuanced legal concepts with an accurate and presentable rendering of the original text. By partnering with GTS you will be enlisting the power of a global network of experienced legal translation professionals committed to providing the clearest and most accurate translations possible. This commitment is reflected in our ISO-certified quality control process. Global Transolution is confident that we have both the commitment and the expertise to meet all your legal translation needs.

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