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Global Transolutions is the trusted medical translation service provider for the leading global life sciences organizations, amongst others. Our services cater to a wide range of medical industries, such as pharmaceutical, medical device, healthcare and clinical research. We also provide services for individual medical document translation, such as certificates, medical history, and others.

Specialized and Precise Medical Translation Services

We understand that medical translations often need to respond to the guidelines set out by target countries. That’s why we select a team for your medical translation that resides in the country where the documents will be used and have in-depth knowledge of the medical rules and regulations in that destination.

Wide range of medical document translation

we have teams of expert medical translators who are able to work on a wide variety of different medical documents. As medical translators, they are specialized in particular subjects, hold M.D. degrees and certifications, and have extensive experience working on your field. This means that we will hand-pick the right specialists for your medical document translation, be it clinical contracts, medical training materials, patient documents, website content, informative materials, instruction manuals, patents, or others.

We Also Make sure

Quick Turnaround

We offer fast turnaround without compromising translation quality.

Only Professional Translation

Your translation is done only by native-speaking professional translators.

Simple Pricing

Our simple per word price structure lets you know know immediately how much a translation will cost.

Secure & Confidential

Secure handling of your files to keep utmost privacy.

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