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Simultaneous Interpretation Services

Have you ever found yourself searching for just the right word to express a particular meaning or sentiment? Now, imagine doing that at a high-profile business event where a client’s satisfaction is made or broken based on the words you choose. Choosing the wrong word or phrase can lead to misunderstanding or falling behind in the conversation – and that can mean losing a client altogether. There’s no room for that in the competitive world of business.

Generally used for conferences, large presentations, symposia and varied executive training programs, simultaneous interpreting involves facilitating communication among two or more parties, belonging to diverse language backgrounds.

How it Works

In global business environment, there is often a huge risk of your message getting lost, in terms of its meaning and context. While communicating with your foreign business delegates, customers or even stakeholders, there exists high probability of miscommunication. 

Simultaneous Interpreters possess a unique talent. This skill does not require simply being fluent in two languages. The interpreter must be able to instantly convert one language into the other in a manner that also carries the same tone, inflection, meaning, nuances and energy of the original speaker. It is truly of “multi-lingual multi-tasking” – and not all simultaneous interpreters have the same skill level.

Why choose GTS ?

As the need for growing business on a global scale is increasing day by day, the need for effective communication is also accelerating. This is why businesses look for experienced simultaneous interpreters who convey your message in the target language(s). Be it a global conference, exhibition, or business event, interpretation holds paramount importance to those, who desire to grow exponentially. At GTS, we know first-hand how important it is to have the heart of your information interpreted along with the words. Our company is owned and operated by professional interpreters and translators. We are passionate about conveying words and meaning precisely and accurately from the source language to the target language – while simultaneously preserving cultural integrity. We offer simultaneous interpretation services both locally and worldwide, using our international network of professional translators and interpreters

We Also Make sure

Business Consultation

Your company works with a single project manager who oversees event interpretations with an emphasis on quality control and satisfaction.


We provide interpreters who are as fluent with the technology modes you are using to deliver your presentation


You will work with top-notch, native speaking interpreters and state-of-the art technology to ensure your message is heard accurately and clearly,

Multi- Lingual

We provide one-source interpretations as well as multi-lingual interpretation when a source language is interpreted into multiple target languages;

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