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Video Subtitles are made for the purposes of improving access to video, and so are not to be mistaken for Closed Captions or Subtitles for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (SDH).

As well as providing video accessibility, subtitling services are also a great tool for search engine optimisation. English subtitles can be translated into foreign languages in order to appeal to a wider international audience and this makes them invaluable for use adverts or promotional videos.

Subtitle Style

Our subtitle are highly accurate and impeccably timed. we work with client request for intelligent verbatim subtutitle.

Subtitle File Formats

We provide subtitles in a variety of formats, but if you’re unsure which format best suits your needs, feel free to contact us.

Subtitle Formats

We produce subtitle in various formats which are tailored for broadcast , VOD , or other various platforms

Subtitle Process

Our subtitle services involve the transcription of speech for English and foreign subtitle.


Subtitling services play and important part in your strategy, in the time of today internet open a new platform where on average, two-thirds of a Video’s views come from outside the creator’s home country. Even if you’ve never considered building an international audience, your channel and your content likely has a bulk of viewers who speak a different language or live in a country other than your own. Increasing the accessibility of your video or channel could lead to growth in watch time, reach, and engagement in new markets.


Many agencies offer subtitle translation into the desired language; we as specialized language agency we translate your content from one language to another while carefully retain the original connotation, tone and intent which requires fluency and cultural background of the language. Our robust quality assessment helps us choosing the perfect resource with domain-specific experience. As a result, the message you plan to deliver is the message received.


With eight years with continuing devotion to the language industry; we are among the leading provider of professional subtitling services in India. Our offering includes 197+ Language pairs and 19,000+ Subtitling language specialists worldwide which helped us to retain the list of the most reliable & professional subtitling & close caption service company. We have over the years evolved, and our excellent track record is the witness to our continuous growth and market sustainability.


At GTS, we work with foreign subtitling, and subtitle translation. This means we can caption your English video and translate it into a number of different languages. We also work with foreign transcriptionists, subtitling foreign video and translating into English as a target language. We currently offer subtitling services in a wide range of languages including: English, German, French, Italian, and more…


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Broadcast Subtitle Formats

STL – .ESY – .X32 – .PAC – .CIN – .AYA – .890 – .XIF .CIP – .RAC – .CHK – .CAP – .ULT – .USF – .L32 – .TIT .ST4 / .ST7

Online Media Subtitle Formats

SRT – .SSA – .VTT – .TTXT – .PSB – .RT – .SSF – .ASS .USF And many more…

Our Company

We are available for 24/7 for High Quality Subtitles

For subtitling services, rather than hiring stenographers, or using automated processes or voice recognition software, we  rely on more accurate, traditional methods of transcription. Human written, timed and checked captions are our ethos.

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