Technical Translation

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Engage International Customers with the Best Technical Translation Services

Global Transolutions provides linguistically fluent and technically accurate language translations for all your technical documents and product manuals in over 100 languages. We have the linguistic resources, best-in-class processes, and industry leading technology solutions to deliver fast and professional technical translation services that are second to none.

Accurate Technical Translations You Can Trust

Are you looking for an experienced, proactive, and reliable  language services company to translate your technical documentation with quality and speed? Then look no further than GTS. technical translators to consistently translate your documentation with efficiency.

How It Works

Global Transolution has simplified professional technical translation services onto our easy-to-use online platform. Simply upload your product manuals to our translation portal, specify the target languages, and GTS will immediately generate a translation quote for your review and approval. Upon your confirmation, our pre-approved translators with the right subject matter experienced are immediately brought in to begin translating. Once complete, you can download the translated documents with the click of a button. The following is a workflow diagram for GTS technical translation service.

We Also Make sure

Engineering Products

We provide exert technical translation services for a variety of engineering fields into over 100 languages.

Global Manufacturing Industry

We help our manufacturing clients translate a variety of technical documents such as engineering design manuals, patents, and repair manual

Automotive Technical Translation Services

GTS uses translation memory and terminology management within our technical translation to deliver consistent, quality automotive services with speed

Technical Translation for Software Localization

GTS has in-depth experience delivering expert technical translation services for various software applications including ERP, CRM, ecommerce, and mobile apps