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Our aim is to produce the highest-quality transcript. We support our clients in advising them on which recording equipment to use for the exceptional quality of sound. In our profession, we have learned that, the clearer the audio, the more accurate the transcript is


Our professional production team provides voice over services to clients across the globe in a myriad of areas such as Entertainment (Films/Documentaries, TV programs, Webcasts and Animations), E-learning & Training, Corporate, Commercials, Gaming, and many more.


Being an ISO certified company we understand the sensitivity and confidentiality of our client’s data and are heavily invested in the latest technologies to ensure confidentiality, safety and security of the data.

Latest and Best Technology

By using the latest and best technology, (noise cancellation microphones, headphones, recording equipment, etc.) we ensure to yield the accurate and best output of voice over services.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Often hitting nearly impossible deadlines, we promise you’ll be happy with our voice over output. You get plenty of after sales services, quality checks and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


GTS is a leading voice-over services provider in the entertainment industry. We deliver clear and character-based voice-overs for film and other entertainment units. We cater to national and international clients and deliver voice-over services in multiple languages.

Corporate sector

This promotes a proper understanding of the script which is used by the voice artists to record the audio. If you require the voice over in different languages, then Shakti Enterprise can get your script translated in different languages. We can employ professional native artists in a language you require, to produce the audio recordings in an in-house professional studio.


Top quality service
& expertise

At GTS, our process flow ensures that the learners grasp the concepts better, gain in-depth knowledge, and understand video content easily through our voice-over services.

Commercial Voice-Overs

GTSdelivers proficient commercial voice-over services for marketing and advertising purposes. Our voice actors understand the importance of commercial message deliveries.

Corporate and Educational Voice-Overs

GTS is an e-learning platform that delivers professional voice-over services. We deliver voice-over services for various corporate and educational videos

Our Company

Delivering Multi-Faceted Voice-Overs By Native Speakers

Voice-acting or delivering voice-over services requires good voice actors who can make the content come to life. It is essential for voice-over service providers to choose optimum voice quality and style for the content. Speech is an essential part of a soundtrack and finding the right voice actor for a role, comes as a challenge.

Finding a voice that fits the role of the content creates a huge impact on the listeners. get professional voice over services which bring more customer for you.  

Voice-Over Services

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